My love of drawing animals began in early childhood. I can recall spending endless hours drawing all kinds of animals, real or imagined.

Throughout high school, college and university I learned techniques in oils, printmaking, pastels and plaster casting. But it wasn't until 1998, after almost 10 years of my paint box sitting untouched in the basement that I discovered the beauty and spontaneity of watercolour.

I love the unpredictability of watercolour and the subtle nuances that I hadn't been able to achieve with the other mediums. There is mystical quality in the way the paint reacts with the water and paper and each painting is still, after all these years, an exciting new learning experience.

I choose to paint images that touch me on an emotional level, from a silent shadow stretching across early morning snow, to the thrill of a child caught in that split second before splashing into the lake. My subjects come from everyday life and have included friends and family, children, animals and scenes from nature, but my preferred subjects continue to be our four-legged best friends. There is something magical in being able to capture the spirit and soul of another living creature.

Painting has become a spiritual journey for me the past few years and I continue to learn from other watercolour artists, using their techniques in my work. As well as learning from others, I will also teach my own techniques to those who wish to learn them. Lessons are by request and are often one-on-one. Email me directly for information on lessons.

Commissions are welcome...please allow approx. 4 weeks for delivery. Email me directly for information on commissions.


Sandi McKessock

510 Whittaker Road

Rusagonis, NB, Canada, E3B 7Z4

Telephone: 506-462-4812



Sandi McKessock