My paintings are a description of nature and how I see and feel about it. Nature represents the beauty and the grandeur of the Creator. It has also an incredible place in our lives. It brings peace of mind when man has not eroded it; it brings joy to the eye and heart of the artist. In most of my paintings, you will notice water that, for me, represents life and purification. A sunset reflected on waterŠ what a beautiful and peaceful image! As a globetrotter, I have noticed beauty in every land, because I believe that the earth is but one country and mankind its citizens. In my personal opinion, painting is the expression of the artists' soul using different medium.

I have been using different medium: oil, watercolor, pastel, ink and wax (encaustic). Each medium offers different exploration, experiment and magic.  I choose to paint mostly landscapes. My style attempts to show my feelings of what the Creator offered us as a precious gift to cherish

I think that it is essential to protect nature and the environment. It is a glorious treasure that we have the privilege to bestow upon this earth. After all, shouldn't we cherish and respect one of the great things that help us to give us a better quality of life?


Maboube Maher-Hielscher

Fredericton, NB, Canada

Telephone: 506-450-9577



Maboube Maher-Hielscher