Dragana started to combine lines and colors at a very early age in the art studio of her Grand-Aunt, where she got her first brushes and the advice that formed her philosophy of artistic creation.  On her fifth birthday she got a baby brother, and a first set of oil colors.

Throughout her life Dragana has been constantly involved with art groups and art related activities.  At the age of 15 she was chosen to paint the mural in the lobby of the School Djura Jaksic in her native Kragujevac (Serbia).  At 16 she created the poster for the concert of popular Croatian singer Arsen Dedic on the subject “If all the people did a good deed.”  As a student, she did not have summer jobs.  Instead, Dragana was painting and selling her art.

Architectural training included four semesters of free hand drawing and watercolor, backed up by descriptive geometry and perspective.  As a young architect she had a chance to fulfill her creative urges, but she also surrounded herself with amateur and professional artists and organized club and art gallery “Lazar Drljaca” (Konjic, Bosnia).

Art was her tool to learn English in Texas 1980 and 1981. Dragana took classes in ceramic, pottery and oil painting at the College of Lake Jackson, TX.  She also joined a local art club and presented her work on group shows in the college art gallery.

In 1992, Dragana found herself one more time in organization of an art club: Art club “Ive Jurijevic” (Krk, Croatia)

In 1996 she started a new life in Fredericton, NB, city that she only knew by an art gallery that had her favorite painting of Dali's: Madonna Port Lligat.

Dragana's professional and private life have had sharp and sometimes bizarre turns that have kept her in and out of the studio.  However, her love for art and her late grandaunt's advice has always been very vivid in her heart.  

“Art is the freedom. It is your feeling in a given moment that only you can experience and realize in the way that suits you.  Do what pleases you!  It is a bonus if someone else enjoys a snap-shot of your dream, but that should not ever be your goal.”


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Dragana Milanivovic-Eic