Razieh was born in Iran. She is studying Physics at the University of New Brunswick. Razieh loves nature, art, music, and writing. She likes to combine these subjects in her artworks. One of her favorite kind of art is Tazhib, accompanied with calligraphy. Tazhib, also known as gilding, is one of the oldest and well-known art in Iran. This form of art is created by drawing and repeating geometrical and decorative forms and patterns from nature.

Different types of colors such as crushed gold, gouache, watercolor, lapis lazuli, and copper are used in the coloring of Tazhib.‫ ‬Colors boost spirits of the human viewer in Tazhib because each color has a source in nature. The colors are usually used as symbols in this art. For example, blue lapis is the symbol of peace and infinity of soul.

By drawing Tazhib, Razieh tries to present expression to the perfection and harmony that can be found in this type of art. With the help of patterns and colors, her Tazhib becomes a piece of art with a philosophical thought, a mystical story, and even a poem or music behind it.


Razieh Enjilela

780 Montgomery Street

Fredericton, NB, Canada, E3B 2Y1

E-mail:  enjilela@yahoo.com

Razieh Enjilela